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Make Your Very Own 0.5mm Solder Dispenser from A Mechanical Pencil

Soldering can be quite a tiresome task, and that too when you have got big hands and are using a thin solder. Well if that’s the case with you, we have the perfect hack for you. A hack that lets you handle the solder with more control and precision.

Well the first thing you will need is the 0.5 mm solder. Amazon sells them so it won’t be hard for you to get it. The next thing you’ll need is a .5 mm mechanical pencil with a removable eraser. You will have to remove the eraser and the graphite lead from your pencil. Make sure that the pencil contains no graphite.

Now you need to straighten out about 5-6 inches of solder and feed it to the pencil through the feel mechanism of the pencil. And while doing so, you need to keep clicking the pencil so the solder comes out the other end. And VOILA! You have yourself a .5 mm solder.

The back actuating feed pencils and the side actuating feed pencils work well for this hack. But the rear actuating feed pencil does not work well, as it is just too short to hold for accuracy. The 0.7mm solder and 0.9 mm solder are also available for purchase. So this hack can be applied for those sizes as well. So keep hacking!

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