15 Hacks That Make Your Tiny Kitchen Spacious

Kitchen Lifehacks

Once the house is constructed and the rooms  are designed then they cannot be changed which is actually a dilemma, neither you can make it spacious , nor you can re-design it. But we do have a solution for that as well.So we welcome you to the world of being innovative, being different by designing your small places spacious enough to meet your needs. Most people wish that their kitchens were bigger and more spacious. Now this is possible!

All you need is to give a look at the following 15 life hacks that would surely up size your kitchen.


15. Using a Pegboard for hanging Pots and Pans


Using a Pegboard is very helpful to free up the storage space, all you need is to hang the pans, pots even the spoons on a pegboard and vacant some storage space.

14. Install a Corner Cabinet


Use a Lazy Susan corner cabinet to up size the storage places that are difficult to reach. Which is quite useful.

13. Making fake kitchen drawers useful


There are many so called drawers in the kitchen, give them a purpose, make them useful by replacing them with a paper towel holder to save the counter space.

12. Bye Bye knife blocks!! because we have Knife Magnetic strips


Save your counter space by putting the knives block away and bringing this magnetic strip into your lives. Just attach your knife with the magnetic strip and vacate your counter space.

11. Innovative usage of wall space


Your kitchen might be small but do have walls. So use them along with your creativity and trust me it maximizes your  counter space storage.

10. Place a built in dish cabinet over the sink


Use it for putting dishes in it for the drying purpose and free up your counter space.

9. Add a pull-out cutting board in your tiny kitchen


Inserting this innovative addition to your little kitchen will help you a lot in cooking big meals.

8. Crockery on wheels.! using a storage cart


Vacant your cupboard and shift the cooking utensils in to the storage cart, which is useful as it is movable and can be easily wheel out of the kitchen for more space.

07. Using your fridge as as spice rack.


Free up some space from the cabinet and use the refrigerator’s door as a spice rack. Innovative as well as useful.

06. Applying the cutting board over the sink.


This idea helps in utilizing the spaces and it is very useful while cooking big meals.

  05. Hanging the basket with the help of command hooks at the cabinet placed under the sink

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Using the cabinet doors for hanging baskets and utilizing them. This will maximize the  storage space.

04. Utilizing the cabinet doors

kitchen hacks (5)

The cabinet doors are always very useful for the hanging purposes e.g measuring cups, spoons  and any other lighter stuffs.

03. Transforming the cabinet spaces into rolling shelves

kitchen hacks

Try to use every aspect of the place for easy access and for making it spacious.

2. Using a hanging bar for the storage of kitchen essentials

kitchen hacks (15)

Hanging a bar is innovative and a useful idea as they are easily reachable, everything is in view and most important it free up the space.

1. Install a wall mounted food dispenser

kitchen hacks (6)

Now there is no need of making special space for the cereals, beans, lentils, rice etc All you need is a food dispenser which will help you in increasing the storage space.

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