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15 Hacks For Living A Life On A Budget

There isn’t any subtle art better than the art of genius to makeshift arrangements. Engineers are at the forefront of these ideas and in my opinion we should all try things like these to unleash our creative side to the world. Just don’t do it in front of people who are unappreciative of this unique brand of talent because you will be branded crazy. Here are some of these everyday heroes who displayed this incredible potential:

1.No Iron No Problem

It is said that before the invention of electrical irons, steam irons with burning coals were used. No electric iron demands that 19th-century irons be reinvented again….from saucepans and pots!

2.  Car’s Rear Bumper

No need to waste 100 dollars on a bumper when you can do this!

3. No Curtain no problem

When the curtains at a public washroom are damaged, you can always do this.

4. Using an electric kettle for boiling eggs.

Well, we should warn you, it increases scaling inside the kettle.

5. When a plate gets broken

Now that’s a ridiculous ceramic weld!

6. Who needs new headlights?

They do function in the exact same way!

7. Side view mirror brought down?

Use a brush backwards! And you can always take it off to comb your hair!

8. Wooden front

Well, this actually looks good. Just needs a good paint job. But, who’s got time for that?

9. Fence repaired!

No need to call the carpenters. This might be able to hold off all stray animals at least

10. Foldable Office Chair!

Thats the dream!

11. When you can’t take any more crap from the postman.

Where is my letter?

12. Wooden base of you computer’s screen

Who cares if it doesn’t look good.

13. No front bumper? Mess with this!

14. Pipe as faucet

Well, the new ones are expensive and useless!

15. Complete cooking arrangements!

Well, a man’s got to cook!

So, would you dare to use any of them despite their appearance?