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Here Are 12 Useful Hacks Using Common Household Products That Will Save Your Day

Multi-purpose items are great, however, they don’t always tell you if a particular product is good for another job as well. You can always, however, count on Reddit users to come up with such amazing tips. The following is a list of items that can be used for multiple purposes. Try at your own risk though!

12. Newspapers win against any rag for streak-free cleaning.

11. Nail polish remover on a cotton ball easily removes hair dye from surfaces.

10. Binder clips are the best chip clips.

9. Toothpaste when you want to reduce the size and redness of a zit.

8. Nutcrackers make snapping open crab legs a cinch.

7. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent blood stain? remover.

6. Over-the-door shoe organizers can also keep snacks, cleaning supplies, and arts & crafts tidy.

5. Pedialyte is an effective hangover cure.

4. Dryer sheets double up as shoe deodorizers.

3. Coca-Cola is a first-rate rust remover.

2. Hair conditioner is the alternate to shaving cream.

1.  Chopsticks can be used for flipping omelets or stirring noodles when cooking.