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Missed Me? Flappy Bird is Here Again But With A Twist

Among the list of everything that is annoying, useless and frustrating, the most recent entry was that of a game which is known as Flappy Bird. The damned game is just so stupid that it’s not funny at all. It is rather frustrating and gives users more than enough reasons to bang their heads in the wall! Although the game has been taken down and while it is possible to find it online after some hard work, what we have today for you is something better than the game itself.

A DIY box version of the game, Flappy Bird, has been created by Fawn Qiu who came up with the IRL version of the game by employing Arduino based sensors. Other components that have been used include two servo motors, magnets and a reed switch. This is a more fun way to play where the box closes up if you screw up and then you have to ‘restart’ the IRL version of the game.

The game is as hard as the real game where the difficulty level continues to increase and you need to dodge the obstacles by making use of taps, as can be seen in the picture above. While the whole concept of the game may be crazy, it is crazy enough to be fun to play.

Good job Fawn Qiu!
Check out the video below to see the game in action: