You Will Need To Scream To Play This New Voice-Activated Flappy Bird Game

Flappy Bird IRL 2

Oh Goodness Why!

The curse of the addictive abomination “Flappy Bird” is back from the grave, and if you somehow managed to survive the previous mini apocalypse it had set, this time it is sure to fry your brains out!

Credits: crushable

And we thought 2016 was bad!

This year has brought its personal versions of horror stories; first, the White House and now, the voice-activated version of Flappy Bird will break every human threshold of patience and is sure to redefine words like annoying and frustrating.

Eight Note, as it is called, has gone viral across Asia, with thousands of “gamers” screaming at the top of their lungs to make the character jump across blocks and avoid falling to death.

A small whisper or a murmur will cause the character to move just a little, while a shrill scream will result in a huge leap. The two self-explanatory modes of ‘Endless’ and ‘Stages’ are enough to get anyone addicted to the game until either their throats give up or they get slapped by someone for being this silly.

The game is particularly popular in China, from where it originated and is known as “Eight Note! Don’t stop!”

Watch the video of players playing the game with some “hilarious” reactions.

“I died of laughter playing this game,” said one netizen on Chinese social media Weibo.

“This game is making me want to vomit out blood,” another commented.

“I love hearing everyone’s reactions,” one user added.

Que random mindless screams are coming out of every nook and corner of your streets and buildings!

You can download the game on the App Store, (please don’t!)

Pic Credits: the daily touch

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