Watch A Youtuber Create A Cardboard Maze For Their Pet Hamster

Youtuber Makes A Cardboard Maze With Little Fun Barriers For Pet Hamster

The adorable little creature passes through all the obstacles while shedding some of his weight.

As children, we all enjoyed those small little barriers in one of the most loved games of all time; it was none else but the iconic mouse trap game.

The Youtube channel Mister Hamster comes yet again to revive our childhood fun and builds a maze full of traps for their pet hamster. It is amazing to watch the fun this hamster is having while going through these obstacles. It reminds us of the great childhood time we have had with such games and activities.

Hamsters are known to make a great pet. They keep on running and running in search of something to chew, and watching them do all this is just as much fun. Despite the fun, exercise is also important for keeping a healthy balance, given how much they eat.

Since hamsters love chewing on everything, so the materials were chosen carefully to make the maze safe for these small pets. Cardboards were used to make this custom perfect maze for the hamster. The maze is also a testing field for checking how smart these animals actually are, and it turns out, quite much!

Watch the video below and enjoy the super cute hamster crossing through all the tunnels and mazes. You might feel like wanting to keep one as a pet yourself.

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