Watch A Gardener Show An Amazing Hack To Grow Healthy Plants With Just 2 Low-Cost Items

It hardly matters if you’re an experienced gardener or if you’re just getting started, making your own DIY trellis might seem daunting. Not to worry as there is now a clever and affordable trick shared by a gardener that could change how you grow climbing plants.

Jake Espiritu from Epic Gardening (@epicgardening) posted a helpful tip for making a DIY trellis in an Instagram video. Epic Gardening often shares gardening advice on social media.

“This is the easiest trellis to build,” Espiritu says. “To make this trellis, you need three bamboo stakes and some twine. That’s it.”

Here’s how the trick works:

  1. Arrange bamboo sticks in a row and tie a knot near the top of the left stick.
  2. Wrap twine around each stick about three or four times.
  3. Loop the twine between each stick twice.
  4. When you reach the last stick, tie a knot and trim any extra twine.

By following these steps, you’ll create a simple teepee-style trellis that supports climbing plants effectively.

“It’s perfect for planting something like a climbing bean,” Espiritu says.

This technique is cost-effective and uses eco-friendly materials that are easy to handle. Instead of buying expensive ready-made trellises, you can make your own inexpensively. With some twine and bamboo sticks, you can assemble your trellis in minutes. These bamboo trellises can last for years, giving you good value for your money.

This hack saves you money, especially if you need several trellises. Bamboo is an excellent choice for making trellises because it’s light yet strong enough to withstand tough weather conditions.

Moreover, bamboo and natural twine are biodegradable. Opting for these materials over harder-to-dispose-of options reduces waste. People on Instagram were impressed with Jake Espiritu’s trellis trick and thanked him in the comments.

“I needed this video,” one user wrote. “Let’s just say I improvised with three zip ties, and now I have regrets.”

“I wondered how to tie it! Mine kept coming apart, and now they won’t. Thanks,” another Instagrammer said.

“Love it, and they look cool,” a third user added.

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