This YouTuber Built A Bicycle With Triangle Wheels – And It Works Just Like A Normal One

The YouTube channel, The Q, defied all by showcasing a bicycle with triangle-shaped wheels. Surprisingly, this weird-looking triangle-wheeled bike actually works. While some may question the need of such experiments, they actually serve as a testament to human creativity and the potential that lies beyond traditional norms.

The triangle-wheeled bike operates like any regular bicycle, with the rider pedalling and balancing to move forward. Initially, it may seem unlikely that this design would work. However, a video uploaded by The Q on May 23, 2023, demonstrates the bike in action, garnering 448,000 views at the time of writing.

Despite its intriguing nature, the triangle-wheeled bike possesses several limitations. The irregular shape of the wheels poses a significant challenge, making it cumbersome on uneven terrains like grasslands or mountains.

Overcoming minor obstacles would require additional effort from the rider, resulting in a slower pace. The solid wooden rims, while contributing to the bike’s unique appearance, increase air resistance and hinder speed.

The triangle wheels’ rolling motion which relies on the sharp edges, creates an awkward pedalling pattern that may cause the rider to feel unsteady. Additionally, the constant contact between the sides of the wheels and the road surface would likely lead to an uncomfortable ride.

While seemingly even more implausible, this creation functions by utilizing the square rims as makeshift tank treads. However, its usability on uneven terrain remains limited.

The Q further pushed the boundaries of innovation by creating a bicycle with square wheels.

The Q’s triangle-wheeled bike is undeniably intriguing, but it remains an impractical invention in real-life scenarios. The limitations imposed by the irregular wheel shape and the resulting challenges on different terrains hinder its overall usability.

In comparison, conventional bicycles with their efficient and smooth movement aided by round wheels and lightweight designs are far better and much comfortable to ride on.

Nevertheless, these projects by The Q highlight the versatility of human creativity and push the boundaries of what is deemed possible. They provide entertainment and inspire us to appreciate the elegance and sophistication of conventional bicycle designs.

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