Watch A Fleet Of Chinese Robotic Dogs Doing Push-Ups With Ease

Unitree, a Chinese robotics manufacturer, has created a four-legged robotic dog that can also perform push-ups.

Given the many eye-catching robots on the market, Go1, Unitree’s robotic dog, may not be as attractive due to its glossy metallic exterior.

But let’s not discount Go1’s remarkable qualities regardless of his ordinary looks. Go1 comes equipped with five sets of depth-sensing fisheye binoculars, which are comparable to 20 Intel real-sense sensors when paired with artificial intelligence sensing.

Go1 also features Intelligent Concomitant Technology, which uses a unique wireless vector positioning system to keep the robot in the human’s line of sight. This helps a robot maneuver through a challenging environment.

Besides that, Go1’s joints are created utilizing its unique technology, which allows the development of strong joints with light weights, according to Unitree. In addition, the robot has an ingenious heat dissipation system that keeps it cool and can handle up to 11 pounds.

The Go1 robotic dog is available in three different variants and has a top speed of more than 10 miles per hour. The $2,700 Air model of the Go1 is the entry-level model. It includes one set of Super sensing system.

The $3,500 Pro model of the Go1 is the mid-range model. It comes with five pairs of super-sensing units. Sadly, the third-level Go1’s price has not been made public on the company’s website.

In addition, there is the Go1 Edu, which provides 4G connectivity, graphical and Python-based programming interfaces, and optional radars.

Watch the video below to see the robo-dog in action:

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