This Startup Can Turn Any Bike Into An E-Bike

Swytch Technology launched a new conversion kit in April 2022 that will convert practically any bike into an electric bike with a “pocket-sized” battery that powers a hub-based 250W motor. Swytch first introduced an electric bike conversion kit in 2017, but the company claims that the latest version improves on all elements of the previous model, from design and functionality to performance and weight.

The Swytch e-bike conversion kit obtained by BikeRadar is an updated kit for the previous version of the kit we used to convert an old hardtail into a fantastic commuter. This means that our new kit lacks the pedal sensor, magnetic disc, and hub motor. We do, however, have two of the new power packs, as well as the handlebar mount and the OLED display.

The two batteries are of various sizes and provide different quantities of charge. Swytch claims that the little battery can run the device for up to nine kilometers (15 km). The huge battery has a range of up to 17 kilometers (30 km).

Engineers Oliver Montague and Dmitro Khorma founded Swytch, having identified a gap in the market for sustainable, power-assisted city transportation that isn’t prohibitively expensive. This kit is designed to achieve that with the battery size and weight, plus the fact that the battery can be charged in an hour and removed easily from the bike. The battery pack powers an electric bike motor in the front wheel’s hub. The motor provides 250W, which is the maximum power an e-bike motor can have, according to UK electric bike law.

As of 2022, Swytch has raised about $6 million, mainly from angel investors. Montague says the company expects to ship around 30,000 units this year, with about 70 employees and revenue of roughly $20 million.

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