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Vertikal Gravity Chess Is A New Next Level Crazy Board Game

Vertikal Gravity Chess1

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Chess has been a game known to humans for centuries, but it is one of those very few things that hasn’t undergone much evolution or change, barring the three-man chess of course.

But a Kickstarter project “Vertikal Gravity Chess” is looking to change that, as it aims to add a new layer of complexity and twist to the game.

The project head, Nathan Knight from Sacramento, California, explains the design as a

“cylindrically shaped magnetic chess board which rotates on a horizontal axis. This adds a new degree of difficulty to the game by denying your opponent good visibility of your moves; and no, you cannot see his moves either. More concentration, focus and memory are required.”

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The project page adds,

“The board pivots on a horizontal axis, and can be rotated either manually or electrically, with the push of a button. The board and base are manufactured of clear coated carbon steel.”

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“The unique game pieces have been individually machined from aluminum and brass, which are then completed with a felt padded magnetic base for smooth play.”

In essence, Vertikal Gravity Chess helps you hide your moves from your opponent, making it more difficult to plan the next one, thus providing additional complexity and challenge into the game. The pieces are made very sleek and easy to carry, which helps them to be held in place on the board while it rotates on its horizontal axis.

Nathan has previously tried to crowdfund the same project on Kickstarter, but he couldn’t raise sufficient funds. The campaign is doing better this time though, raising $761 pledged of $20,000 goal with the help of 6 backers and 27 more days to go!

(C) Kickstarter


Vertikal Gravity Chess will cost you around $130 for the manually actuated version, while $225 for the electrically actuated one in the early bird prices. You can also add a set of checkers at $42! Check out their Kickstarter project here for all the details!


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