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This Anti-Bacterial Shirt Has Been Made Out Of Milk

Mi Terro is a startup based in Los Angeles that is making clothes. What makes it different from any other clothing brand? It is the choice of material of Mi Terro that sets it apart. Did you know that dairies get rid of milk that is deemed unfit for human consumption? Mi Terro uses that milk to create T-shirts, and reportedly these t-shirts offer quite a lot of benefits as opposed to the regular cotton t-shirts.

The process for Mi Terro commenced by procuring the waste milk that is fermented and then skimmed, thus removing its fat content. It is then dewatered, leaving in powdered milk that is then purified for the sake of removing all substances other than the naturally-occurring protein that is known as casein. Moving forward, Mi Terro immerses this powdered casein in alkali. The resulting solution is then passed through a spinneret for creating fibers. In the next step, Mi Terro uses sulfuric acid for removing the alkali from these fibers that are then stretched and spun into yarn.

Mi Terro creates the machine-washable Limitless Milk Shirt using this yarn. The Limitless Milk Shirt is said to have a soft and silk-like feel while also being wrinkle-resistant, antibacterial, UV-blocking, moisture-wicking, and stretchable in every direction. Furthermore, the shirt has micro-pockets embedded into its material, thus enabling it to trap odors and enabling optimized airflow and keeping the wearer cool and non-stinky.

As per Mi Terro, every five shirts represent one glass of milk that would have otherwise gone to waste. If you are interested in buying, the Limitless Milk Shirt and Limitless Milk Underwear are currently raising funds on Kickstarter as part of a campaign. If all goes well and they reach production, you will be able to get a pair of undies for a pledge of $25 – the retail price would be $44 – and will be able to get your hands on the Limitless Milk Shirt for a pledge of $35 – the retail price would be $59.
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