10 Best Engineer T-Shirts That Will Make You Cooler

Engineering t-shirt

We here at Wonderful Engineering take pride in our engineering background and enjoy displaying our love for it all the time as well. Perhaps, the easiest way we find to align with our engineering roots is by wearing engineering related T-shirts. We have always known that engineers are a misunderstood fragment of society and are just as vibrant as some of the others, so we compiled a list of 10 best T-shirts that help techies like you express their real feelings.

10. JB shirts Engineer T-Shirt(19.99$)

10 Best Engineer T-Shirts

Do you talk to yourself often even when you are in public? Well good, because there are few who can match an engineer’s intellect. So this shirt is the best for introverts out there.

Available Here

9. I’m An Engineer I’m Good At Math T-Shirt(9.51$-23.94)

10 Best Engineer T-shirts

It’s not that engineers do not know their spellings, its just that we are even better in maths. This T-shirt is available in a host of colors and sizes for you to choose from.

Available Here

8. MilyWay T-shirt Engineer (13$)

10 Best Engineer T-Shirts(1)

Yep! That’s true engineers are NEVER wrong so do not even think about having an argument regarding our job. The cotton shirt is said to be printed in the USA.

Available Here

7. ComputerGear Engineer Definition T-shirt(19.99$-27.99$)

10 Best Engineer T-Shirts(2)

We could not define our profession better even if tried to, so we decided just to wear this T-shirt to work instead. It can be hard to explain what engineers do to a common man and this shirt just saves us the trouble.

Available Here

6. ComputerGear What Part of Circuit?(17.85$-29.99$)

10 Best Engineer T-Shirts(3)

For those electronic engineers, this one is a must have. Have your friends figure out the circuit and whether its complete or not in the first place.

Available Here

5. Enginerd Engineer T-Shirt(14.99$)

10 Best Engineer T-Shirts (4)

“Respect Nerds because you are likely to be working for them in the future.”We don’t know who said it but the quote is spot on, and it just makes (most) engineers embrace their nerdiness.

Available Here

4. ComputerGear “Resistance is Futile”(15.24$)

10 Best Engineer T-Shirts (55)

An inside joke inscribed on the T-shirt would make any engineer’s day. Resistance really is futile when it under one ohm. For ones who are not well versed in electronics, Ohm is the measuring unit of a component’s resistance to electrical flow which means that the greater it is, more it will act as an electrical insulator.

Available Here

3. I Am A Chemical Engineer T-Shirt(19.99$)

10 Best Engineer T-Shirts (7)

A tribute to our chemical engineer friends and yes they are just as good as any other engineer. The shirt has a  minor humor about an engineer’s stubbornness and is available in numerous colors.

Available Here

2. I’m A Mechanical Engineer You Can’t Understand T-shirts(20.99$)

10 Best Engineer T-Shirts (8)

The shirt describes the specifics of a mechanical engineer’s job perfectly. The 100% cotton shirt is available in various sizes and can be chosen in any of the bright, vibrant colors.

Available Here

1. ComputerGear Engineering Cheat Sheet(24.99$-26.99$)

10 Best Engineer T-Shirts (9)

All of the basic concepts of engineering summed up in one T-shirt, we can not have a better T-shirt to be our number one. From Calculus 101 to Engineering Statics, there is nothing that this shirt misses.Though we are left in awe by the product, we are a little worried that it may not be authorized to wear in an exam.

Available Here

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