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Stixfresh Stickers Can Keep Fruits Fresh For Two Weeks

One of the biggest challenges we are facing is that of food waste. The fruits and vegetables are the main cause of concern as according to various reports; about 52% of the harvests rot before even reaching the consumers. A Malaysian company claims that it has come up with an effective and simple solution to this particular problem. The solution from Stixfresh comes in the form of a tiny sticker that is capable of keeping fruits from going bad for up to two weeks.

We all have seen stickers on fruits before as well. However, the stickers created by Stixfresh are different. The stickers that you have seen simply provide consumers with bits of information such as detail about the grower and particulars of how the fruit has grown. On the other hand, Stixfresh sticker has been created for a completely different purpose. They have a special all-natural formula that can slow down the process of natural ripening. This helps keep the fruit fresh for a much longer span of time.

Stixfresh speakers have been created using 100% organic materials and have a mixture of ionized Sodium Chloride and beeswax. This mixture enables the sticker to decrease the speed of bacterial activity that is going in the fruit. By doing so, it is able to delay the ripening process. The explanation does sound quite basic if we are honest. However, the company claims that the stickers are safe enough to be eaten along with the fruit and that there’s no catch behind them. 

Stixfresh was founded by Zhafri Zainudin who says that he came up with the idea for the stickers about four years ago. He was visiting a friend who was operating a fruit stall and told Zhafri about how he was losing money on a daily basis because of fruit that goes bad. The friend, however, knew that it was a natural process and had accepted his fate. The Malaysian entrepreneur had other ideas though. Zainudin writes on his company’s website, ‘It got me to thinking. Maybe I couldn’t stop nature, but could I slow it down?’

Zainudin partnered with Selangor university Universiti Putra Malaysia, research institutions, and agencies including Mardi and Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia. He also worked with Bogor University and the University of South Australia to further develop and test the stickers. After three years, he has been able to perfect the design of the stickers. Stixfresh stickers work with mangoes, avocados, papaya, star fruit, dragon fruit, apples, and pears. They not only delay the ripening process but also prevent the development of mold on fruit. Check out the following video to see Stixfresh stickers in action.