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This Is How You Can Safeguard Against A Pickpocket

This Is How You Can Safeguard Against A Pickpocket

Are you planning a travel trip? That’s great. One should take out the time to travel and make new memories while undergoing new experiences. However, there is one particular experience that you want to avoid at all costs while traveling; being pickpocketed. We have put together a list of five essential items that are pickpocket-proof. Make sure that you get your hands on these to make your travel safer and more fun!

Invest In Pocket Clips

To save yourself from pickpockets, try investing in trouser/pants that come with zipper pockets and pocket clips. The clips can either be inside or outside each pocket. They should, however, have a small internal plastic or metal, D-ring that you can use to attach another item.

You can clip almost anything, but it is important to give priority to your wallet, phone, and other valuables. You can also modify your existing clothing if you are not able to find such trousers/pants.

Hide Your Stuff From Pickpockets

And the best way to do that is to make use of zippered socks. This allows you to put your cash in a place that they will least expect it. A good example of this is the Zip-It Everyday Travel Socks that is not only comfortable to wear but also offers a big enough pocket for you to carry cash along with some plastic cards.

According to a review, ‘The pocket is high enough that the contents don’t come in contact with the ankle joint or interfere with the movement of my foot. The elasticized band is effective at keeping things in place.’

Be Sure To Track Your Stuff If Pickpocket Is Successful

Despite all of the planning and will in the world, there is a probability that you will end up as a victim of pickpockets. That is why it makes sense to incorporate tracking devices into your large items. For example, you could spend money on Lugloc Tracking device. The device is actually TSA approved, and its batteries can last for about two weeks.

Try A Belt Wallet To Fool The Pickpocket

Although pickpockets are quick to pick up about any new trend or gadget that might be used for stopping thefts. However, there are still some clever ways that can help you get away from them. One of them is belt-wallet.

Invest In An Anti-Theft Bag

There is a wide variety of anti-theft bags available in the market. A good anti-theft bag will have tamperproof zippers on the exterior while featuring cross-body straps. Some of these anti-theft bags are slash-resistant as well. The more expensive models also come equipped with RFID blocking compartments, thus allowing you to place your cards or passport safely.

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