Three Player Chess Is Now A Reality


Have you become so good at playing Chess that it does not seem like a challenge anymore? Well, you might be in luck as another fancy method of playing chess has just arrived. While it may sound crazy to some people, it adds an unprecedented level of challenge and fun to the game.

‘Triad Chess,’ is the name of the game, which self-explains the difference from the norm, and it requires three players instead of two! The board is usually shaped like a hexagon, although other shapes may also be used. The three different “armies” in 3-player chess start on their sides, and the rules and movements for the pieces are the same. The only practical difference is that as the board checks aren’t square, the movement from one place to another means moving in a more curved path.

Pic Credits: interesting engineering

Usually, the game ends with the winner being the first to deliver a checkmate. The person who got checkmated loses the game, while the third onlooker comes in the second place. The game is a lot more fun as you not only have to worry about the other two players and their strategies, but you also get to enjoy the carnage of other players tearing each other apart.

To avoid two players from ganging up on the third, a chess player Ilshat Tagiev introduced a “neutrality rule” in the mid-2000s. According to the rule, you can only attack the enemy if you were attacked by him in a previous move or if the third player did not attack the opponent during the last turn. This rule prevents two players from attacking the third together.

You can watch the full explanation of the Triad Chess game below:



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