Can You Solve This Tricky Maths Equation That Is Meant For 11-Year-Olds?

maths brain teaser

The next time your grandpa comes in saying “Back in my days, the schools were harder;” try giving him this 11-year old’s maths problem to solve. The question was asked in a school at Springfield, Queensland which involves a series of equations and fractions that baffled the parents of the little girl, and apparently everyone on the internet as well!

Credits: dailymail

The girl said that it took her mom, aunt and grandmother 45 minutes to solve the equation, and they needed the internet to find the answer.

The mother told Springfield News,

‘My brain is fried now and this is the easiest year of high school,’

The mother, who is a student of business administration, added:

‘How the hell is an 11-year-old supposed to work this out? To me, its just way too much. They’ve been back six weeks and there has been only three days that she has actually wanted to go to school.’

Can you solve the brain teaser? Give it a try before watching the answer below!

The answer is: 2/8 + 2/3 = 12/48 +32/48 = 44/48 = 11/12


  1. jamie Whitney Reply

    If a 11y old could do this that will be outstanding! I have no idea how you do it, it sounds like a GCSE/ A Level Maths Question.

  2. Maxef Reply

    This equation may be tricky for 11 y.o., but an adult person should have no problem with the answer.

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