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world toxic countries

There is no denying the fact that humans have sped up climate change manifolds than its natural course. Sadly, carbon dioxide is not all that we are adding to our environment; we are intoxicating our environment with pollution at such speeds that this climate change has become the greatest threat to the planet. The good news is that not everyone is careless about it, at least not completely. While some countries are ignorant about the effects of pollution, others are taking serious measures to fight it.

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Eco Experts, A solar panel company based out of UK, has compiled data from the International Energy Agency and the World Health Organization on how much each country is contributing to the pollution that the entire world faces today. The maps created by the eco experts reveal the most toxic countries of the world on a visual map.

Each country was ranked for its toxicity based on the following five criteria:

  1. Energy consumption, per capita
  2. Carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion, per capita
  3. Air pollution
  4. Deaths attributable to air pollution, per 100,00 capita
  5. Renewable energy production

An interesting map from The Eco Experts shows the most toxic countries in the world. Have a look!

Most Toxic Countries

You may have expected the most toxic nation to be either USA, India or China, but it is clearly not the case. Saudia Arabia wins here, having the highest recorded air pollution while the Middle East records the highest number of deaths attributing to air pollution. The USA only makes it to 66th on the list while the UK is the 81st.

The top ten least toxic countries are mostly from Africa with Kenya on the top. The only two least-toxic countries which are not African are Indonesia and Brazil. They stand at the 7th and 9th position respectively.

What comes out of the study is the fact that the entire world needs to get together to battle air pollution by launching serious initiatives.

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  1. T Reply

    I can’t believe a journalist who I assume has done their homework still talks about “climate change” as if it is being done by the people. It is being done everyday by our government. The military is aerosol injecting the stratosphere and purposely blocking the sun that all living things need. Nano particles of aluminum is being sprayed into our air along with a cocktail of toxic crap by the mega TONNES. It has caused a epidemic of Alzheimer’s in my county of 260%. Everyone knows what aerosol’s do to the ozone. And yet it is being done globally and we spray Canada. So really all over the world is HEAVILY polluted. Our water has over 4,000 chemicals in it. Only 2,300 have been tested and those cause CANCER! Our crops in CA is being watered with fracking water! That’s a true story! The levels of radiation from Fukashima has blown off the charts by over 500% that is still leaking. It has reached ALL of the west coast including Canada. China has banned all food imports from the west coast and Canada because of the contamination. And we are eating, breathing, bathing, consuming everything that can kill us why are we letting all this crap go on? As it is now children born after 2000 is not expected to survive their parents. The people are being kept in the dark.

  2. Maxef Reply

    I’m surprised Canada has so polluted air, while most of the country is covered in forests and lakes.

  3. Grant Reply

    This it the most ridiculous article and info graphic map I think I’ve ever seen.
    It makes the USA and China look good and the poor, barren and under developed Mongolia is portraid as pollution enemy No 1. It’s Ridiculous and stupid.
    Mongolians die due to China’s pollution you stupid morons.

  4. Vitaliy Reply

    Why did you cut Crimea from Ukraine? Could it influence the result?

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