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Watch What Happens When 300 Rocket Fireworks Go Off Together

300 fireworks

We don’t usually show things to engineers with a blunt disclaimer, but this ridiculous act will force us to do so before showing it to you. Do NOT try this at home or any other place at ANY circumstances. Not unless you have a death wish!

Summers are here and many people have started piling up their firework arsenals for the fourth of July. But no matter how huge your display is, it will never go close to what these totally cracked guy did. He stacked up three hundred of these explosive beauties in a single rack intelligent enough to give each of them ample space and a hole of their own to launch from. Then he took them to the most abandoned place he could find, put a stove underneath and pressed the button!

See for yourself! We don’t want to spoil the fun for you:

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