Watch This Guy Launch Fireworks From A Drone

People are going crazy over new ideas in the ongoing Pandemic. It is rising and shines time for all the weird stuff. Thankfully, these ridiculous ideas are captured in videos and pictures so that we can take a look without going through the hassle.

The DIY projects are captured on videos and are the most trending these days. However, “Beyond Press” has something even more entertaining when they launch fireworks from a drone camera. The whole video roams around the concept of shooting different forms of fireworks and seeing how amazing it looks.

It looks so exciting and, at the same time, is a little frightening seeing the drone go up in the air carrying the fireworks. The drone could have gotten out of hands, causing severe injuries. Thankfully, necessary precautionary measures were taken care of before shooting the video and launching the fireworks.

There are onboard shots in the video captured from the drone’s camera, making it look like a scene shot from inside a fighter Aircraft, bombing the grounds. It looks even better than it sounds.

Fireworks are shot straight up in the sky in an ordinary world. However, it is quite a world of imagination at Beyond Press, where the drone becomes the firework shooting weapon.

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