Guy Creates His Own Robotic Barber To Cut Hair During Quarantine

The Coronavirus Pandemic has some people doing crazy stuff while staying at home. Youtuber Shane Shane Wighton built a robot to get his hair all styled just as he used to get them done before the isolation.

In his video, Shane demonstrates how well he has trained the robot to do the perfect job, even separating the hair as a regular stylist would. The hairdresser robot is programmed to use scissors, and it is not tamed on how to use trimmers.

While in some states, the lockdown has been relaxed, barbershops and salons have opened again. Wighton still doesn’t feel going to the barbershop is worth it, given the situation. He came out with his all-new design for the task. Wighton has done multiple other fascinating projects as well.

Wighton is an engineer and is famous for his Youtube channel, “Stuff Made Here.” Wighton built a unique mechanism and then tamed and programmed the robot to use scissors perfectly.

Plan A in the design was dropped as it would be necessary to have high-grade cameras to separate the hair strands, and it was getting complicated. In plan B, Wighton simply used the vacuum’s suction trait to pull the hair for the scissor to work in.

This is one in a million example where a person built a barber bot for himself, and Wighton said, “Even if this thing gave me a terrible haircut, it still would be my win.”
Meanwhile, Good news for the rest of us, new research has shown that wearing face masks is highly effective in salons.

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