Festo Unveils Bionic Swift That Flies Like The Real Thing

A Germany based automation company came out with its all-new invention of Robot Bird that just looks like a swift. It’s such a cool invention, imagine a robot having all of the drone features but flies like a swift. This is something we call aligning technology with nature at its best.

Human flight, Aeroplanes are all the concepts derived from birds, drones following the same theme would just make it better.

German Company Festo has played a significant role in automation and Robotics. Alongside this cool close to nature flying drone, they have also developed and manufactured bionic models ranging from Dragonflies, Flying foxes, and even Butterflies.

Robot Bird takes loops, flight, and its aerodynamic features are the same as of a real swift. It weighs just at 42 grams. The Bioswift’s length is 17.5 inches, and its wings spread 27 inches. The sides made up of light foam matching the real swift feathers to the max. Its flying mechanism matched with that of a real bird-like contraction and spread of the wings.

It is inclusive of a brush-less motor a gear, two servo motors, and multiple circuit boards for the radio controls. It is a complex design and combination of sub-connections letting the robot follow the same way a real bird flies.

Bionic swift can flock together in coordination as each designed for spatial awareness from another. Controlled and monitored with the help of a GPS and Radio. Each bird has a unique marker that hits back onto the master computer, tracking their exact location. One of the most amazing features is it can fly a pre-programmed path. If it gets deviated due to high winds can auto-correct its way.

Pretty cool, huh?

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