Weird Car Trends We Are Not Sure About


The automotive industry is hard at work, making sure that the latest makes and models cater to a wide audience. However, this doesn’t mean that they get it right all the time. In fact, sometimes they get it completely wrong, and we all put our heads in the sand until something new comes along

While car trends are subjective, there are some out there that we can all agree not to like. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest car trends that we’re not sure about.

1.     Over-Styling Your Car

Why is it that some of today’s car manufacturers feel the need to make their cars look as interesting and complex as possible? What happened to the good old fashioned minimalist design that gave you everything you needed and nothing more?

Of course, some detailing is okay and welcomed a lot of the time, but if you take things too far, your car can end up looking like something out of a cartoon. While there’s no question that this approach to your car will attract attention, we’re not sure that it’s going to be the right kind.

Not overdoing it is the first step to having the type of car that you can enjoy for a long time, even as trends come and go. This is why it’s important to be able to see your vehicle before you buy it. Make the most of a commercial photo library, and check your car out before you buy it, so there’s no love lost.

2.     Non-Adjustable Seats

We all know that most cars these days offer seats that you can bring back or forward, depending on how long your legs are. However, there’s one thing that’s missing from this equation, and for trend’s sake, we think that it’s deliberate.

While being able to put your seat up higher might not be considered ‘cool,’ it’s going to be pretty important for those that have lower back issues and need more support. A lack of height adjustability in car seats is something that definitely needs to be worked on.

3.     Aggressive-Looking Lights

Have you ever looked at a car in your rear-view mirror and thought that the front lights and indicators look like an angry face that’s going to run you down? If you have, you’re certainly not alone.

For some reason, a lot of car makes and models have decided to style their lights in a particularly abrasive and aggressive manner over the last few years. Whether it’s to make the car look more intimidating, or has more to do with ergonomics, we’ll never know. All we know is that it’s a trend that we’re not convinced on.

4.     Fake Stitches

Everyone loves a well-made couch, so why shouldn’t we expect the same out of our car? Unfortunately, as the automotive industry has exploded over the better part of the last century, quality has been replaced with quantity.

This inevitably results in having to cut a few corners, which brings us to the trend of including fake stitching. Sadly, this is more obvious than they may think and definitely takes away from a car’s craftsmanship.

Not all car trends are painful and weird, but not all of them are wonderful, either. Make sure you look out for these weird car trends we’re not sure about before you purchase your next car.


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