Turn Your Shoes Into Roller Skates With This Cool Attachment

wing walk roller skates2

The 80’s kids might remember the concept of roller blades that could stick to the bottom of your shoe when needed. They slowly went out of fashion and now this startup named Cardiff State Company intends to revive it another form. Instead of steel roller blades that are very sharp and cumbersome, the new shoes apparels will have retractable rubber ones that can be easily strapped on and off when needed.

wing walk roller skates

In order to fully secure the foot in the skating gear, three straps will be used; a heel strap, a toe cover and an ankle one that won’t let go of the foot anytime soon. When you slide a lever at the back, the wheels come into place with ease and now the shoe is converted into a skate. They are made of Polyurethane and perform well on different kinds of surfaces. Just like other roller skates, you can reduce speed or stop by applying heel brakes when needed.

wing walk roller skates3

Whenever skaters come across stairs or rather unfavorable surfaces, the lever retracts them back to their original position, and now you can walk that part. Once you have cleared that area, you can push the rollers back and skate on. Although for larger lengths where you can’t walk with the heavy skates, the Walk Wings come up with a backpack where the strap and rollers can be placed while walking.

wing walk roller skates4

Cardiff state company is currently looking for crowdfunding at IndieGoGo, and the price is set at a reasonable 90$. If it goes into retail, the roller skating will cost you around 200$. It is a nice thing to own, and the skater out there will need it bad once they get to know about its existence!

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