This Adjustable Wrench Is Any Engineer’s Dream

Adjustable wrench2

The wrench set you have in your tool box may have just become obsolete as this new version is much more useful than the previous sets, plus it is also much better in appearance too. You might be scoffing at me and saying, wrenches never go out of fashion as they have currently been in business for like 200 years, and no one was able to improve on them significantly. Well, read on and you’ll understand what i am talking about.

The new wrench was developed by Jon Steranka in Seattle, and it appears more or less similarly like a camera lens that adjusts the lens according to the focus. Here it adjusts itself according to the nut that needs to be fiddled with. There is also the rare luxury of a light surrounding the aperture of the wrench so that you will be able to see the nut you are trying to unscrew.

Adjustable wrench

The new wrench will simplify your life in the workshop to many levels. For instance, there will be no need to shout “size 6” and “size 7” constantly to your assistant while you are unscrewing all the nuts under your car. This single wrench will be all that is needed! However, it comes with slight teething problems that Steranka hopes to overcome soon enough. It is much more expensive than those simple wrenches as well so it might take a chunk out of your wallet. But nonetheless, it is a great thing to have on your wall and the notion that simpler days are ahead!


  1. Oliboli Reply

    Whoever designed this have never really worked on a car, that wrench head size is just too big to fit those smaller clearances around the bolt heads.

  2. David Bowman Reply

    I think what you fail to realize while you’re singing the praises and throwing out your conventional wrenches is the space needed to use this wrench. What in the world do you work on that has that much room around a bolt head to fit that wrench? A flat plate in the middle of know where? Yeah, I get a ton of those. The problem with gear wrenches on their own they are usually too big for most applications, now add all that? It’s a nice dream but in the real world, good luck.

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