New Electric Skateboard Can Reach A Top Speed Of 100 km/hr

Next Board Is Working Its Way To Top Speed Of 100 kmh

Next Generation Vehicle (NGV) is a Slovenian startup and has come up with an electric board that is known as Next Board and as per the claims of the company, it can manage a top speed of 100 km/h.Next Board Is Working Its Way To Top Speed Of 100 kmh 2

The existing Next Board prototype features a modified outrunner brushless DC electric motors in each of its wheels. These motors are powered by using a lithium-polymer 22.2-volt 8,000-mAh battery pack that will be stored under the deck. The deck has been created from a total of nine layers of maple veneer. The handheld remote can be used for controlling the speed.

It takes about 1.5 hours to charge the battery and can let you ride the board for about 10-15 km given that you are not cruising on it at high speeds. Tina Mahovli of NGV said that the current prototype has already touched the top speed of 65km/h on flat ground. The team says that it has managed to acquire components for building seven more of boards and will soon be achieving its target speed of 100km/h as development continues.Next Board Is Working Its Way To Top Speed Of 100 kmh 3

Mahovli also said that the team is planning to start a Kickstarter campaign this autumn (Northern Hemisphere), although no information regarding commercial availability and pricing has been released.

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