This New Portable Sink By Japan Allows You To Keep Your Hands Clean Wherever You Go

Thanko, a renowned Japanese gadget manufacturer, has recently introduced an innovative solution to ensure impeccable hand hygiene anytime, anywhere. Their latest creation is a portable wash basin that can be easily assembled in under a minute, providing the convenience of clean hands even in situations where access to running water is limited.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is gradually waning, maintaining optimal hygiene practices remains vital for overall health and well-being. While hand sanitizers are convenient for on-the-go disinfection, they are not as effective as the traditional combination of soap and water when it comes to eliminating a wide range of viruses and bacteria.

Recognizing the need for a portable handwashing solution, Thanko developed a wash basin that addresses the challenges of finding a suitable handwashing location. The portable wash basin boasts a lightweight construction, making it effortless to carry. It’s simple and modular design enables swift assembly and disassembly, ensuring hassle-free usability.

Weighing a mere 3 kilograms, the Thanko portable wash basin can be effortlessly set up by a single individual within seconds. It comprises essential components, including a 20-liter water tank that serves as the sturdy base, a transparent water hose discreetly concealed within a plastic pipe, a plastic drainage tube, a lightweight wash basin, a metallic faucet, and a convenient small towel rack.

To facilitate the seamless flow of water from the bottom tank to the wash basin, Thanko incorporated an electric pump into the design. This pump is ingeniously powered by a readily available 9V battery, which can sustain continuous water flow for an impressive duration of up to 65 hours.

By embracing electrification, Thanko has eliminated the need for a foot pump, aligning the portable wash basin with modern technological trends.

The Thanko portable hand washing station can be acquired through the company’s online store for an affordable price of 15,980 yen ($114). Its versatility allows it to be utilized in various settings, making it suitable for outdoor events, construction sites, or even personal use in your garage.

While the concept may appear unconventional, the Thanko portable wash basin transcends novelty by offering practicality and utility to individuals who prioritize cleanliness and hygiene. It exemplifies Thanko’s commitment to developing innovative gadgets that cater to everyday needs.

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