YouTuber Puts Gas Generator Inside Tesla To Avoid Having To Stop For Charging

Range anxiety is one of the main worries that prevents consumers from getting electric vehicles. Many people are reluctant to transition to electric vehicles because they worry about running out of battery power and because there is less infrastructure for charging than there is for gas stations. One YouTuber, however, has used a novel strategy to solve this problem by installing a gas generator in a Tesla Model S, which enables him to travel 1,800 miles without stopping to recharge.

Matt Mikka, the creator behind the YouTube channel Warped Perception, expressed his dislike for the inconvenience of stopping to charge his Tesla, especially during road trips. Despite the Model S’s impressive EPA-rated range of up to 405 miles on a single charge, Mikka aimed to eliminate the need for charging altogether.

Having planned the project for five years and dedicating over a year and a half to designing the system, Mikka unveiled his creation, which not only charges the Tesla while parked but also while it is in motion. He dubbed it the “Cordless Tesla.” While Tesla owners benefit from the company’s extensive network of fast-charging stations, Mikka aimed to provide an alternative solution.

During his journey, Mikka faced numerous challenges. The generator couldn’t produce enough energy to sustain the car’s power needs while driving, necessitating 5-6 hours of charging per day. He had to leave the noisy generator running overnight at hotels to ensure a nearly full battery in the morning. Additionally, his attempts to conserve energy by driving at lower speeds led to being pulled over for driving too slowly on the highway.

Although Mikka successfully completed the trip without using a charging station, the modifications he made eliminated the environmental and cost-saving benefits of owning an electric car. The fuel economy ranged from 14 mpg at 80 mph to 24 mpg at 50 mph, significantly diminishing the efficiency advantages of electric vehicles.

Mikka acknowledges the limitations of his current design and is already working on a new generator-powered Tesla that aims to improve upon the original concept. He aspires to create the ultimate road trip car that allows him to drive at high speeds for as long as he desires without the need for frequent charging stops.

While Mikka’s experiment showcases his ingenuity and determination, it highlights the fundamental trade-offs between the convenience of gasoline-powered cars and the environmental and efficiency benefits of electric vehicles. As charging infrastructure continues to expand and battery technology improves, it is anticipated that range anxiety will become less of a concern, making electric cars even more viable for long-distance travel.

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