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This New Leaked High Definition Video Shows iPhone 6 for The First Time

Is this the Real iPhone 6

Well, yes, this is another leaked video of iPhone 6 and we are sure that you are as tired as us when it comes to the hype of iPhone 6. But, oh well, we’ll soon be witnessing what the real thing is and how close these concepts are to the real thing. There were some spectacularly good leaks as well, the kind that are really hard to ignore and this video is one of such leaks. It has been uploaded by a Russian YouTube channel and is perhaps the best video yet covering the 4.7 inch version of iPhone 6.

The video compares iPhone 6 shell with the iPhone 5s, and is a good 4-minute long video that covers the white front iPhone 6 panel and the popular Space Gray rear panel. This time around it is being said that it will come in grey, silver and gold.

The video also shows the iPhone 6 being constructed from a number of parts that have been popping up during the recent months, all thanks to the large number of leaks that have been released. It will come as a huge surprise if Apple still manages to unveil some feature that hasn’t been already leaked. There won’t be much of surprises as far as the design goes, we believe.

The unveiling will be taking place in hours and the release will follow with a gap of ten days. Therefore, we really don’t have much time to wait until all the questions are answered. But from what we can gather via this video is the fact that increasing the size of the screen has imparted a stunning and gorgeous look to the smartphone. Fingers crossed for the actual iPhone 6!!