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Smart Kapp Whiteboard Saves Class Notes To Your Smartphone Directly

Smart Kapp Whiteboard – Real time Sharing4

Check out this amazing smart whiteboard that will revolutionize meetings and brainstorming sessions. The Smart Kapp is capable of sharing content in real time while also enabling users to take photos. It works like a regular whiteboard with the user making notes and sketches by hand but it also relays all data to the companion app where it can be saved.

The board measures 42 inches from corner to corner and comes with pens for writing and an eraser to wipe the board clean. Apart from that, the board can be connected to the mains socket and then paired up with a smartphone via Bluetooth. iPhone users can scan a QR code to connect to the board whereas Android users connect via NFC when they tap the phone on the board.

The paired device, given it has an active Internet connection and the Smart Kapp app, is capable of receiving any data then is scribbled down onto the board and stores it. Sharing session can be started with a maximum of five persons and they don’t even need to be in the same room to be a part of this session. Viewers can be simply invited by using a share button located in the app and a shareable URL. The viewers can connect via the Smart Kapp app or via internet browser.

Users can take snapshots of whatever they are viewing at any given time, therefore taking away the need from people to write up or take photos of notes afterwards out of the equation. Snapshots can be taken by touching the camera button on the board or the one located in the app. These snapshots are saved as JEPGs or PDFs. The board also allows for saving snapshots to the USB key that is plugged into the side or snapshots can be uploaded to cloud directly.

All data that is sent to the cloud service is encrypted and is deleted when the board is wiped or the sharing connection is terminated. The Smart Kapp is available for a price of $899. What do you think about this gadget?

You can watch the video below to know more.