Joto Is A Robotic Whiteboard That Can Draw Your Tweets And Lists In Real Time

Joto robotic whiteboard2

Not that we have anything against digital screens, but our lives have come to a point where smartphones and laptop screens have become boring and monotonous. So to find the latest “fix” for our insatiable lust for the next tech trend, here’s a robot that will draw all your messages, lists, and emails, etc. on a white board!


London-based Joto uses a mechanical arm and a marker to draw whatever you want it to on a whiteboard while being connected to your smartphone. The art can range from doodles, paintings, sketches, and graphs or even mundane things like your shopping lists or call logs when you get tired of using the “old fashioned” way.

The robot isn’t up for commercial sales yet, but the London design studio has already raised £97,025 of its $122,650 goal on Kickstarter with about 27 days more to go. You can get your hands on a robot for about a $200 pledge, which will be delivered by the end of the year.



Besides enjoying an ever changing wall displays, you can also integrate the board with Slack, Twitter and Alexa to draw anything on available on the apps. You can even connect your Spotify account and draw your “Now Playing” label.

All of this might not be “useful” in help-save-a-life kind of way, but it can change the way you work or decorate a workplace. That pinned conference note can now be scribbled down by Joto, what a time to be alive!

“Joto is part of a new movement away from the screen,” said Those co-founder Jim Rhodes. “Not because screens are bad but because people are discovering new ways to interact with internet.”

Joto offers an opportunity to work and create using a whole new medium, which is something that doesn’t come very often.

Would you opt for a robotic whiteboard to cut down on the use of screens in your life?
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