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Balance Stool Lets You Work Out While Sitting On Your Work Desk

Balance Stool – Workout while You Sit2

Excess of everything is bad folks. That’s a universally accepted fat. In fact, even sitting all day can prove to be harmful for you. However, despite knowing this fact, our lifestyle has become quite dependent on Internet and computers, thus we are left with sitting more or less for entire day while we work on our assigned task and carry on this sedentary work style. Those who are more concerned have started to use standing desks along with exercise balls.Balance Stool – Workout while You Sit5

We will be talking about Balance Stool though. It is basically a chair that demands that the person using it keep utilizing their core muscles in order to keep the chair balanced. It makes use of a ‘wobble seat’ that allows the user to practice passive strengthening. The seat can be removed and used for exercise on any kind of hard surface.

It comes with a stylish and sleek design and is capable of blending in any work environment. It has been constructed from solid ash wood and therefore, is very durable. The finish is that of natural soap thus imparting a smoothness to this seat capable of rocking while also making its cleaning easier. It has been created by using CNC machines.

The company, however, is looking for a manufacturer as of now. Do you think this gadget should be worked upon? Got any ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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