This Is How The iPhone 6 Will Look Like [Leaked Photos]

iphone 6 design 3

After the mixed reaction to the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, everyone is looking forward to the unveiling of the iPhone 6. Just yesterday, some design photos of the iPhone 6 have leaked on the internet.

As per the previous rumors, the design features an edgeless display that looks stunning! The display will be Retina 2 so we can expect some high performance overall in the display department. To protect this vivid edgeless display, the phone will use graphene sheet rather than Gorilla glass. Graphene sheet is much stronger and durable than Gorilla glass, hence you can expect your phone to be safe in case of mild drops.

The phone will sport a carbon fiber shell to make it more lighter and sturdy in construction. The phone will be powered by a Quad Core  2.8 Ghz A7 Processor with 4GB of Ram. This will ensure that the phone is fast and can handle the tests of time ( At-least for the next 2-3 years). Check out the infographic below and let us know what you think of this new iPhone 6 design!


iphone 6 design



iPhone 6 design 2


  1. boby Reply

    apple seriously think up new ideas …. really copying htc one.. apple is lame

  2. DANIEL Reply

    hmmmmmmmmmmm……………….I need edges. Personally, this version doesn’t excite me unless there are other new functions that make life easier.

  3. waiter Reply

    I have been waiting to buy a good iphone since iphone 1. I think ill wait for iphone 7, what if it does your laundry…. so I bought a nexus to keep me occupied meanwhile.

  4. mauro Reply

    Nice advertising. Why would i give a f*&% about a slimmer phone with more RAM? Tell me again when there’s an actual ground breaking invention, like holograms or something. Otherwise this is nothing but an ad.

  5. Farooq Haider Kakar Reply

    Well its really premature to highlight or exagurate iphone 6 untill it has not been released globally.

  6. alcolace Reply

    But, graphene is probably toxic for humans , this is a news that became by some university labs.

  7. raykinen Reply

    if steve is still alive, he would make something a lot different from this. not much changes from iphone 4 to 5 to 6. just improvements is a prove that without steve, apple is just another ordinary products. the success of them now is merely an effect of what steve made. apple is seriously need another genius whos also a dreamer.

  8. Sebastian Reply

    Looks better and should have been this year’s version I am no sure if the design will still be good in next year to competing with other companies as they are not going to be waiting doing nothing.

  9. Tabish Reply

    i’ll wait untill it releases if it is not a fake prototype………………..

  10. Wrong Reply

    So wrong. For one, there is no touchID on that thing. This looks like a pre-iPhone 5c/s render. Magsafe connector is also moot. Unless the iPhone weighs a couple pounds, it simply won’t work. And if it does work (which is to disconnect when someone trips the wire) then you’ll probably have a hard time keeping it connected when you’re playing games while keeping it charged!

  11. Ali Reply

    Looks nice..but thing is still there from last 2 3 years. now they are saying that the phone will be powered by a Quad Core 2.8 Ghz A7 Processor with 4GB of Ram. This will ensure that the phone is fast and can handle the tests of time. this will ensure that the phone is fast only when battery life would give some helping hand or allow it to do so.
    Dear Apple, if you want your market place to be stable and comparable with Samsung and Nokia regarding Battery timing then you should have to work seriously on battery life.

  12. Raymond Reply

    Cris, we should wait for iPhone 8S! it make Doritos too, and has a lightsaber that chops up the thief that tries to steal your iPhone ..

  13. Teo Reply

    Wonderful, now THIS is an upgrade! But they really have to return to the older OS design, much more pleasant and modern. This new OS looks like a Chinese hiPhone design.

  14. Cris Reply

    I think I’ll wait a few more months and get the iPhone 7.5 , the width of a human hair, and it will read minds and make margaritas.

  15. saad Reply

    The phone will be powered by a Quad Core 2.8 Ghz A7 Processor with 4GB of Ram. This will ensure that the phone is fast and can handle the tests of time

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