For The First Time, iPhone 6 Running iOS 8 Leaked Ahead Of Its Release In This Video

Is this the Real iPhone 6

As the launch date nears, we get a glimpse of the new iPhone 6 through information gathered from multiple sources over the past few months. Just two days away from the big announcement in Cupertino, the latest teaser to hit the internet, shows an iPhone 6 that is fully functional and looks real enough. The authenticity of the latest leaked pictures is still in doubt, but they look somewhat similar to what Apple might offer as per our previous experiences.Is this the Real iPhone 62

The latest revelation to hit the blogosphere was via Chinese blog cnBet, it shows what seems like a 4.7 inch version of iPhone 6, and although there have been countless such leaks, but this latest one appears to be fully functional and one of the features that is catchy for the audience is the new Passbook icon, which can clearly be seen in the Photos, that encourages the notion the Apple will be pushing hard for mobile payments, with this latest release.Is this the Real iPhone 63

It is quite common for iPhone leaks to hit the internet and get the audience all hyped up for the next iPhone, when in turn the actual device does not function in that manner as described by the leaked information. Even though we might be skeptical about the leaked images, but the person to originate this leak also posted a brief video of the device in action.

The design as most of us have already seen resembles a lot to the image of the iPad Air, with a curvy finish that brings uniformity to proceedings. The antenna inserts you see on the rear shell have received different opinions from the audience over the past few months, as some suggested that these are unsightly, but as one can see, what seemed offensive in the earlier schematics, were not actually that much offensive.Is this the Real iPhone 64

The device revealed in the leak is a 64GB white and silver model, which seems to be the confirmation that the 64GB tier will hang around this time, and the device was running iOS 8.0 build 12A365, and it does look authentic.

Given how good the leaks were for the last few iPhones, it is best no to get the hopes high, as this might have just been a spoof as it is not actually that hard to modify android software to look like iOS nowadays and we might get disappointed when we get the actual device. But we can all hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed, as Apple never failed to amaze us before and hopefully it won’t now.Is this the Real iPhone 65

Still, if this is a spoof, it’s a darn good one, as it might’ve fooled most of us. With just two days to official release on September 9th, we won’t have to wait long for the confirmation.


  1. Aramis Reply

    That’s the actual model for the iPhone 6, celebrities have already got it in gold, if you have Instagram look at @cc444 ‘s page and scroll down until you see it

  2. Mike Nasser Reply

    This is a trick. Apple will surprise all tomorrow by unveiling that the iPhone 6 is actually 2″ long by 1″ wide! It is going to be an engineering marvel that you can carry in your small jeans pocket!

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