This New High-Tech Vape Can Verify A User’s Age

Amidst numerous legal battles and accusations of contributing to underage vaping and tobacco use, Juul Labs, the e-cigarette company, seemed to face an uncertain future. Despite the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ban and a hefty settlement, Juul’s products remained in a state of uncertainty. However, the company is now seeking approval from the federal government for a new e-cigarette that includes age-verification technology to address the issue of underage access.

Juul Labs, known for its commitment to product innovation, has developed a new vaping device that seeks to address two significant public health challenges: helping adult smokers transition from combustible cigarettes and restricting access to vapor products by underage users. This innovative device connects to a smartphone or web app, employing third-party verification tools to ensure users meet the appropriate age requirements.

The company has submitted its application to the FDA, awaiting approval to continue selling its products in the United States. Interestingly, this device has already hit the markets in other countries like the United Kingdom and Canada.

Kirk Phelps, the Chief Product Officer of Juul Labs, expressed the company’s vision and said, “Our company DNA is product innovation. With our next-generation platform, we have designed a technological solution for two public-health problems: improving adult-smoker switching from combustible cigarettes and restricting underage access to vapor products.”

He emphasized that this is just the beginning, as the company continues to develop and refine new technologies to eliminate combustible cigarettes and combat underage use of vaping products.

One of the most prominent features of this next-gen vape is its age-verification capabilities. However, it also includes other upgrades such as the “Pod ID” chip, designed to prevent the use of unauthorized or counterfeit pods with the new device. Additionally, the device boasts a new heating element and a “smart light system” to inform users about battery and e-liquid levels.

Juul’s Chief Regulatory Officer, Joe Murillo, highlighted the advancements made in this new device to ensure its market approval. He expressed confidence in the new technology and the compelling scientific evidence supporting its public-health benefits. Murillo stated, “Our next-generation vapor platform PMTA is built on new technology that advances public-health objectives and compelling science that demonstrates a clear public-health benefit, as required to secure a marketing authorization. We look forward to engaging with FDA throughout the review process while we pursue this important harm-reduction opportunity.”

Juul Labs is pushing forward with innovative solutions to address public health concerns and legal challenges. As the company seeks FDA approval, it remains committed to reducing the harm caused by traditional tobacco products and promoting a safer alternative for adult smokers.

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