Twitter Is Testing A Job Listings Feature For Verified Organizations

Twitter, led by Elon Musk, is gearing up to challenge LinkedIn with a new feature allowing verified organizations to post job listings on the microblogging platform. Although the company has not made a formal announcement, reports suggest that the feature is already live for selected verified accounts, as discovered by app researcher Nima Owji.

The new job posting feature, known as “Twitter Hiring,” enables verified organizations to showcase their job opportunities to a wider audience. The job listings will appear below the organization’s bio on their Twitter profile, providing interested candidates with a direct link to the company’s website, where they can learn more about the positions and submit their applications. Twitter allows verified organizations to add up to five job positions to their profiles, streamlining the recruitment process and making it easier for potential candidates to find suitable job opportunities.

This move towards job listings on Twitter aligns with Elon Musk’s previous hints about turning the platform into an all-encompassing “everything app.” In response to a user’s suggestion about incorporating dating services, Musk had intriguingly mentioned, “Interesting idea, maybe jobs too.”

In May, Twitter made its first acquisition since Elon Musk took over the platform, acquiring Laskie, a job-matching tech startup. It is quite likely that this acquisition played a significant role in the development and release of the new job posting feature on Twitter.

There seems to be an added benefit for verified organizations, as the job posts feature is expected to be available at no additional cost. Several companies, like the US-based media company WorkWeek, have already started using the feature to post job listings.

WorkWeek’s CEO, Adam Ryan, expressed enthusiasm about the new feature, stating on Twitter, “While there is a ton of hype around Zuck copying and pasting another app, Elon’s Twitter is shipping products that make a ton of sense. We just got access to posting jobs on our company page. Considering we’ve hired 20+ people from Twitter, this is a no-brainer.”

With Twitter’s foray into job postings, it aims to attract more organizations to its platform and provide a valuable resource for job seekers, potentially becoming a significant competitor to established job recruitment platforms like LinkedIn.

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