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This Multi-Tool Is The Size Of A Credit Card And Fits Over 30 Tools

Most of the designers that deal with knives and multi-tools are focused on achieving the shape and size of a credit card. Why? Because a credit card is one of the most portable items around. You can carry it in your wallet or your front pocket without a hassle. What we have for you today is called Distinct and comes from New York’s Chiseled Design. It is a credit card sized item that features over 30 functions for your everyday use.

Of course, there are many tools that take the shape of a credit card in the market. However, such gadgets are on the simpler side of the spectrum. When Distinct multi-tool was being designed, Chiseled Design focused heavily on versatility, and the outcome is an impressive array of implements that have been incorporated into an everyday carry.

The design’s core is a multi-tasking T-shaped tool that has a magnetic tip. This magnetic tip is able to hold screwdriver bits and hex bits and slides quite neatly alongside the bigger tool that is located inside the Distinct. Once you take out the T-shaped tool for use, you will be opening up access to the voids that enable you to slot different bits based upon your need. Distinct boasts of a stainless steel body and can accommodate up to 10 bits at a time.

The Distinct multi-tool also features a neodymium N52 built-in magnet that enables you to pin the loose bits to the exterior of the tool while you work, thus making sure that they don’t go missing.

The Distinct also features a metric wrench set with six different sizes, a file, bottle opener, box cutter, wing-nut tool, wire benders, wire stripper, and a string cutter. If you are in need of in-situ bike wheel repair, don’t despair; the amazing gadget also comes with a set of five-spoke wrenches. Chiseled Design used Kickstarter for raising funds and for kicking into gear the production of Distinct. It has had great success and was able to raise almost 50,000 USD. Check out this amazing gadget in the video below and do let us know what you think of this amazing design!