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Do You Wish You Had Centrally Heated Clothing? Grab A Podz Gear Shirt

Podz Gear Shirt

Ask anyone and they would tell you that the best way to keep warm in winters is by wearing layers, however, what if you don’t want to be cladded in clothes? What if you want to wear a simple shirt and remain warm? That is exactly what the Podz Gear Shirt does. It has been created by Dwaine Evans, who is based in Kentucky.Podz Gear Shirt2

The entrepreneur designed this shirt with six pockets to tackle the cold while playing football without having to resort to ‘layering’ which restricted his movement. The six pockets of the shirt contain thermo-chemical packs and are placed at the major blood vessels so that the circulatory system of the user transforms into a heating network.

Dwaine created this thermal base layer that has heating packs located on shoulders, hips and stomach and shall go on sale for $74.95. The shirt is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. The entrepreneur says, “Podz Gear takes the place of multiple layers of clothing and keeps the user warmer while not restricting mobility. Pockets are designed to hold thermo-chemical packs and are arranged along major blood vessels. This allows the wearer’s circulatory system to use the blood as a heat transfer fluid. Using the blood to modify body temperature permits the wearer to maintain their appendage and core body temperature and enhance their tolerance of otherwise uncomfortable or dangerous temperatures.”

Podz Gear Shirt shall be made available in blue, black, red or green color. The company, however, suggests to take out the heating packs after 30 minutes of continuous usage for five minutes to prevent overheating. Users having sensitive skin should be careful not to be exposed to these heat packets for too long. Check out the video for more details:

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