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This New SmartPhone Can Be Folded And Unfolded Like Paper

PaperFold 5

Smartphones have come a long way from something that was just fancy and are now considered to be a necessity of life. In fact, it is hard, rather impossible, to imagine life without one now. Over the past few years, we have seen an exponential growth in terms of features that accompany smartphones and also cardinal changes, which have been incorporated into the design of smartphones.
So far we have seen curved and flexible displays that claim to cater to the needs of users. However, this particular prototype will leave you amazed, say hello to PaperFold. This smartphone is capable of being folded like a paper and what really makes it stand out is the fact that its functionality changes upon folding/unfolding.

The prototype has a number of magnetic hinges and e-ink displays that are lightweight, thin and can be detached. The attaching and/or detaching of these screens sure do change the shape of the smartphone but the peculiar thing with this particular smartphone, as mentioned before, is the fact that this smartphone has been designed so as to incorporate changes into its functionality depending upon how the screens are attached or detached.

The hinges have sensors incorporated into them and the OS picks up when you remove or add a screen and where it is being added to or being removed from. This information is used to relay how information is being displayed on the phone. For instance; if you are using only one screen and you open gallery you’ll be shown the thumbnails of the pictures, add one more screen and the thumbnail you click on will be enlarged onto the second screen, add third screen and you’ll get a toolbar of options to select from. If you add the third screen to the bottom of first two screens, you will be presented with a keyboard essentially converting your smartphone into a laptop.

However, the best feature of this gadget comes to play when you are using Google Maps. The options that it provides to the user depending upon number of screens and how you hold the phone are just amazing. You can make use of Google Earth View; you can pull up architectural model and maps are very intuitive

However, this is a prototype and there is still some time till it becomes commercially available in the market. We are looking forward to that day for sure.

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