This New Tech By LG Will Allow For Continuous Optical Zoom In Smartphone Cameras

LG claims that the upcoming optical zoom camera module for smartphones will achieve a great filming experience with high-definition videos at different magnifications.

LG is preparing to unveil its groundbreaking telephoto camera for smartphones at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The consumer goods maker has developed a new camera component for smartphones that will allow users to zoom in from a considerable distance without sacrificing image or video quality. LG stated on Tuesday that its next lens module will include telescopic characteristics akin to those of a DSLR camera.

While most other lengthy smartphone cameras rely on picture-quality-degrading digital zoom to extend beyond their natural focal length, LG’s design employs moving lenses—similar to a typical DSLR camera lens—to maintain image detail. This camera module also employs a folded-optic design, often known as a periscope lens, to reduce total size. As a result, the lens has a 4–9x zoom range with real optical zoom in between.

This new LG design also has optical stabilization, which is essential if you want to snap photos at 200 mm. The module zooms by moving lens elements with a small, highly accurate actuator; the company claims it can move in 1 m increments.LG also claims that this approach would allow phone makers to incorporate fewer total lenses on the rear of their smartphones. Instead of integrating a 4x and a 9x lens, this design blends the two to take up less space and consume less power.

Additionally, LG claims that their new camera module is thinner than existing modules, thus reducing the infamous camera bump. The company said it’s also working with Qualcomm to bring software optimizations like auto-focus, auto-exposure, and auto-white balance to the camera for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform.

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