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Microsoft And Kano Unveil A DIY Computer Kit

What you are looking at is the result of a collaboration with Kano and Microsoft. This new computer has been developed for teaching people of all ages how to code. What’s the best part? It can be built according to your needs!

Kano entered into a collaboration with the Microsoft for coming up with a brand new windows laptop/tablet. The project was started for encouraging education and creativity. Although its primary focus is the children, that doesn’t mean that people from other age groups can’t tinker with the DIY computer kit.

The computer by Kano and Microsoft can almost do anything that you want it to do simply by adding the required pieces together just like you would do with a jigsaw puzzle. The computer has been developed with the aim of teaching and encouraging children to carry out analytical thinking as they build a computer by attaching the pieces together. According to Kano, by providing the children with a personalized computer experience; the children can get more creative with their computer.

Coding kits can be bought from Kano. You can personalize and create a computer as per your preferences as well. The motto of this new computer is ‘Anyone can make’. It works using programs such as Python, Javascript, and Unix. Kano is trying to help people of all ages to learn how to code. A user can code games, apps, and even create art using this computer.

This collaboration between Kano and Microsoft is bound to prove to be revolutionary in the education system all over the world. It allows a child to tinker with the computer as they would with any toy. This allows the child to get creative and learn on the go! What do you think of this amazing do-it-yourself computer kit by Kano and Microsoft?

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