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Pokémon Player Figures Out A Way To Catch Pokémons Using His Drone

Do you hate exercise and still want to have a go at Pokémon Go? Or what if your mum wants you to babysit your younger siblings and all you can think of is your Pokémon lurking around in the neighbourhood?  The TRNDlabs has come up with a perfect solution to help you catch ‘em all without leaving your couch, or stumbling onto dead bodies.


Image Source: TRNDLabs


TRNDlabs has fixed its miniature drone so that the Pokémon Go enthusiasts could enjoy their game at all times.  The Pokédrone has been outfitted to make it easy for the players to catch the Pokémons that appear in the real-world sites and should be located using the GPS-based map.


Image Source: TRNDLabs


Even if you are a hardcore Pokémon Go fan and think of Pokédrone as a game cheat, it still makes it easier to capture the critters that appear in inaccessible places like the middle of a water body. As TRNDlabs puts it:

“Disappointment is all over the world when Pokémon occurs on your screen but in reality there is no way for human beings to catch it. The Pokédrone is the solution that delivers the power of catching ’em all!”

When paired with the Pokémon Go app via WiFi, the Pokédrone’s camera and GPS are used by the app while the game still appears on the smartphone screen. The port for Pokédrone storage, when not in use, doubles as a controller on which the smartphone must be placed by the player to play Pokémon go with Pokédrone.


Image Source: TRNDLabs


The controller is equipped with a pair of joysticks to manoeuvre the drone driven by four tiny propellers. Pokédrone comes with automated take-off and landing features to allow the users to enjoy the game.

The Pokédrone is the perfect answer to the problems that the authorities had to face since the launch of Pokémon Go in the US, Australia and New Zealand including the Pokémon Go players venturing out in the middle of the highways absorbed in their smartphones as they try to catch ‘em all.

The manufacturers of Pokédrone believe it will make the game less hazardous:

“[Pokémon] appear everywhere. Above the water, in the middle of the highway, in your neighbour’s garden who you have not spoken to for many years… and how about the gym in the ocean? Pokédrone keeps you dry by avoiding walking into the lake and soak your phone!”

The Pokédrone is customised in yellow and grey. The tiny Pokémon catcher drone is four centimetres from blade to blade and is about half an ounce heavy.


Image Source: TRNDLabs


TRNDlabs is also experimenting with these drones for use as delivery networks, and surveillance systems. You can watch the Pokédrone in action in this video: