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Belty Is A Smart Belt That Can Adjust Itself To Keep Your Pants Up

All the technology enthusiasts are aware that the CES 2015 is underway at Las Vegas and a number of ideas are being shown off at the exhibition. Among such ideas, one can fine basic machinery being put to use in order to tackle issues that we never thought could be solved by technology. Meet Bertrand Duplant of Emiota, a French startup, who came up with a ‘smart belt’ that is capable of tightening or loosening itself based upon user’s comfort level.

Belty – yes that is what they named the smart belt – is equipped with an electrically powered motor that has been installed in the buckle. The belt is capable of sensing when the user needs to tighten it up or when the user would be more than happy to get some extra room. The idea is to have the belt maintain a comfort level that is optimal no matter what activity is being performed, such as eating, walking, and sitting down or just standing up.

Belty has a companion app that enables the user to decide how loose or tight the belt is allowed to be in order to prevent users from experiencing any uncomfortable or awkward situation. Apart from working as a support gadget, Belty also doubles up as a fitness tracker implying that you don’t need to carry your fitness gadgets. The belt will monitor your activity throughout the day.

That being said – Belty still is in prototyping phase and there has been no information on the price or when it might be ready for the market. Check out the video below for more details: