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Inventor Comes Up With The World’s Most Comfortable Headrest Ever. Here’s The Design

Aircraft seats are the most uncomfortable bits of furniture anywhere in the world according to most travellers. Most of us just can’t wait to get off from them once our flight has finally landed on the destination. In a bid to revisit the design of the seats, this American inventor has instead tried to change only the headrest and as a result, it appears comfy now! The new patent filing envisions headrests that surround our head and a strap prevents it from tilting towards the shoulders or the neck. Cool concept, no?
most comfortable headrest ever

The primary purpose of the headrest is to save people from head and neck soreness in between flights. The foldable extensions would also provide support and help muscles relax while sleeping. The patent originally meant to use if for children seats onboard vehicles, but we all know where it really belongs! The headrest would definitely have to be certified by aviation professionals before it can be used in either automobiles or planes.

Among other uses of the headrest, the inventor Ben Cohen Gazit believes is that it will reduce the risk of injury while in a collision. He has also designed it such that it can be attached to any seat and also block the noise around the passenger. What do you think about it?

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