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Keep Track Of Your Sun Exposure With The QSun UV Tracker

(Source: New Atlas)

Getting a healthy amount of sunlight is vital for the body. Too little and you don’t get the required vitamin D, too much and you risk skin damage and diseases. How much is a healthy amount? QSun is a tracker designed for this very purpose. It saves you from guessing the right amount and keeps tabs on sun exposure and buzzes when it’s time to move to shelter.

What is so new about QSun? There are a number of devices that keep tabs on the sunlight. This is special as it takes the user’s skin type into account as well as the environmental situation to provide you with the exact readings and offers personalized sun safety advice.

(Source: New Atlas)

Like most such devices, it is accompanied by a smartphone app which uses the phone’s camera and image processing software to analyze the skin tone. Then it takes your size and clothes into account to give you personalized advice on how much sunscreen to apply and then alerts you when it is time to freshen up the sunscreen.

QSun is a circular device and measures one inch in diameter and can be clipped on any article that you are wearing. You can turn it on by shaking it twice and the device immediately measures the UV intensity. Shake it once more to let it know that you have applied the sunscreen. You get a notification on your phone and the device starts vibrating and the LEDs light up when you need to freshen up the sunscreen and prevent sunburn.

(Source: New Atlas)

A coin cell battery is used to power the QSun tracker and the battery is enough for six weeks use. It is currently a Kickstarter campaign and if everything goes according to plan, a pledge of $50 will see the tracker making its way to you in July 2018.

You can check out the promo video below: