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This Piece Of Paper Is Actually A Camera That Can Take Pictures

This decade might as well be named the decade where we had dozens of smart gadgets coming our way everyday. Right? There’s just so much happening around us that we are like in a whirlpool of inventions. Amazing time to be alive! Check out the latest gadget that will leave you amazed.

Known as ‘Paper Like A Digital Camera’

This small gadget has a thickness of only 6mm and yet, is able to take pictures and record videos of cellphone-quality.

The miniaturized camera parts have been incorporated into retro-style paper components. Every unit sports an LED light that is capable of indicating battery life and a microSD card (16GB).

You need only plug the built-in USB terminal into a drive and you are good to go to carry out the transfer.

You can order one on this site.

Check it out in action.