This Gameboy Hack Lets You Literally Shoot Your Pictures


People are getting inspired by literal meanings more often these days. This Russian guy Vtol came up with an idea to cross a gun with an old Gameboy console. The result was Gbg-8; a killer of a gadget designed to shoot and print the victims instantaneously.

The holder of the camera is the barrel here. It is mounted inside it and pulling of the trigger captures the photograph. The screen of the poor Gameboy can be used to see the picture by the user. Once the user is satisfied with the result, he can also print it out directly in no time using the the thermal printer.

The photograph is sourced on heat sensitive paper and the camera is an old Polaroid thing.


The Gbg-8 is a completely weird gadget operating on some old and discarded equipment. It is a commendable effort at putting together a unique camera experience but in practice it is not a very marketable product right now as the camera has no live screen at all. The user can just aim, shoot and out comes the photograph. If it were to be coupled with some cool smart camera interface like an android one, things could get a lot more interesting. But for now, its just a cool makeshift attempt.

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