This Survival Pen Can Start A Fire And Shoot Flares In The Sky


Multi-tool survival pens can be useful like multi-functional knives and smartphones but why aren’t they given their due importance? The answer expected is simple; When you are stranded in a lonely place with nowhere to go, a pen might not be the thing you are looking for as a knife and a smartphone will prove much more useful. But here we will talk about Endure survival pen that has the capability to start fires, sending flares into the sky and other emergency tools required for your ultimate survival experience.

There are a number of full-sized kits available in the market but balancing the size and weight of the gadget within the pen’s design is a difficult skill. If the diameter is too large, one won’t be able to write with it and if it is too bulky, one won’t be able to hold it for long. So normally, survival pens only pack a feature or two in their bodies as they don’t have much space along with the inking system. There is the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen that has a glass shattering capability. Then there is UZI Tactical Defender Pin that has an ominous key ring along with a glass shattering tip.

The Endure survival pen adds much more useful tools than these guys. The fire lighting system includes a ferro rod in the Endure’s outer casing. The hardened steel casing is doubling as the striker. This allows the user to generate the sparks needed to start a fire, but if you are short of flammable material, you can always extract the core of the pen and burn it as it has been designed to do so.


Fire is a basic necessity to survive in isolation but there are areas where you would want to get out as soon as possible so the Endure survival pen also comes up with flare shooting capability. Simply unscrew the tip and fire the spring activated flare to direct people to your location. Many kinds of flares are compatible with standard ones, bear bangers, whistlers, etc. made by TruFlare USA.


The pen has all of these astonishing features within a tiny physical package. It is 5.5 inches long, 0.5 inches diameter and weighs just 2.4 Oz. Definitely light enough to carry and even write (God forbid) if an emergency arises!


The parent company NMB is trying to get Kickstarter funding to introduce this multi-tool pen in the market. The base price set is 100$. Until now, 125 pieces have been been ordered which is half of what the company needs to start shipping.

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