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The Kneeling Desk Is The New Way To Work Without Getting Tired

Most of us have agreed to live with the evil of working on a flat desk and the old fashioned chairs. But with so many ergonomic furniture and solutions out there, such as couch lounging, cubby reclining and standing desks, one has got to give them a go at some point. Another one of these is Edge Desk, which aims to solve the solution of desk fatigue by using a kneeling desk.


A kneeling desk or chair has a seat cushion angled toward the desk, along with a knee and lower leg cushion for your legs. After setting the thing up, you just need to climb into the side, and sit in the kneeling position, which seems like more of a prostration position from a distance.

The Edge Desk has an adjustable 30-by-20-inch white plastic table top. There is a channel on the perimeter of the table where you can put accessories like cup holders and smartphone holders to make it a truly dynamic working platform. The desk’s structure weighs around 28 pounds, and is mostly made out of aluminium, making it easy to fold flat and carry around in the office.


Although the desk does take a bit of time to adjust to your own preferences, with using the levels and clamps to fine tune its main seat, the height, angle on the table top, and the reach from the table top; the comfort of working on the platform is worth the hassle. 


There is a downside to it, though. Due to the incline, anything put on the plastic table slowly slides off into your lap. But that can be fixed if a different table top is used, preferably something more rubbery.


While it still to be decided whether working on kneeling desks are actually good for your back or not, and you can actually get an adjustable kneeling chair for $90; the desk it still a bargain at $350 when you consider how it can help you avoid those permanent neck aches and near chronic fatigue after a day of desk work.

You can find more about it here.

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